BNP welcomes both queries and completed manuscripts. All manuscripts should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief. No agents are required. We attempt to meet a six week deadline for responses both to queries and to manuscripts. Blue Nile Press publishes only adult fiction in the form of novels or short story collections.

We do not accept queries on incomplete projects, nor do we read incomplete manuscripts. When we read a manuscript, we want to see the author’s full realization of the work.

Queries should include the introductory chapter and one other chapter of the author’s choosing. The second chapter usually works best. BNP puts a premium on quality. Manuscripts with numerous typos, inappropriate grammatical constructions, and themes which are not fully realized, will not be accepted for publication, or in the case of queries, the presence of such characteristics will not result in an invitation to submit a full manuscript. In considering grammatical constructions, we take into account and welcome colloquialisms when they are appropriate.

For the return of a query or manuscript, please enclose a selfaddressed, stamped envelope or mailer. BNP does not provide postage for returning queries or manuscripts.

We accept electronic submissions in word, word perfect, and pdf formats. In the case of electronic (email) submissions, our turn-around schedule is the same as for hard-copy submissions, six weeks. If you haven’t heard from us in eight weeks, email inquiries are appropriate for determining the status of your manuscript. Written or phone inquiries, except in unusual circumstances, will not receive a reply.