David Covin

Author Bio

(fiction & politics)
David Covin, PhD, was born in Chicago in 1940, raised and educated in Evanston Illinois, the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign; Colorado University, and Washington State University. He is Emeritus Professor of Government and Pan African Studies at CSU Sacramento. He has written over fifty articles in scholarly journals, as book chapters, the popular press, and as book reviews. His work includes two scholarly monographs, Black Politics After the Civil Rights Movement, 2009; and The Unified Black Movement in Brazil, 1978 - 2002, 2006. His novels include Prodigal, 2014; Princes of the Road, 2012; Wimbey's Corner, 2011; and Brown Sky, 1987.

He is a Past President of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists and founding Co-Director of the Race & Democracy in the Americas Project. He was active in the Civil Rights Movement, where he was Co-Chair of CORE in Boulder, Colorado, participated in voter registration in Mississippi and Alabama, and the March on Montgomery. He was active in the Black Student Movement, as a founding member of the Black Student Union at Washington State University. He continues to be politically active at the local, state, national, and international levels.